Seb’s story

Why you chose School Direct in particular?

I chose the School Direct route, as I wanted to have as much exposure as a student teacher to the school environment as possible. I am very pleased with this decision and feel that each day I learn something new and test my boundaries towards gaining QTS status. I would highly recommend this route.

What are your experiences with the Alliance so far?

From day one, I have felt very welcome. My PCM, HOD and Subject Mentor have all supported me greatly, giving me advice, answering all of my questions and making sure I professionally progress to becoming the best teacher possible. The school I was placed in has also welcomed me and made me feel part of the friendly and supportive team. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know and working with the students and feel that each day has new and exciting challenges.

What are your experience as a teacher so far?

I will never forget my first day at my placement school as well as my first lesson, but I am gradually becoming more confident. I feel this is due mainly to the support I have been given by my Mentor, HOD and PCM. The ethos of the school and other staff members have also allowed me to understand with greater insight into what makes not just a good teacher, but an outstanding teacher.

What are your highlights so far?

Teaching my first lesson, which was a bit daunting but incredibly rewarding. Being allowed to be creative in lessons and delivering lessons that I believe the students have enjoyed. Also, being part of a fantastic, innovative and welcoming school.

Do you have a piece of advice for prospective trainees?

It will be tough and there will be days that you think to yourself, “Can I really do this?” but you can and even though I am only at the start of my PGCE School Direct course, I feel I am learning so much about my pedagogy, the teaching profession and myself.

Seb, St Michael’s Catholic College

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