Cathy’s story

The approach School Direct training takes by learning through hands-on experience appealed to me very much and led to my decision to choose this route into becoming a qualified teacher.  The opportunity to work alongside experienced teachers from the outset has allowed me to develop my knowledge and skills at a fast pace.

The Catholic Teaching Alliance have been fully supportive and encouraging right from the initial stage of the interview and made the settling in process an easy one.  The training opportunities have been excellent so far with many more to come!

I have found teaching a challenging yet rewarding experience and that it is a constant learning curve which I have embraced in my first few months of the training.  Meeting these challenges and overcoming them is a particularly enjoyable and self-fulfilling part of training that helps you grow as a teacher.

For anyone thinking of training to become a teacher but anxious of what lies ahead; yes, realistically it is challenging and tiring at times but this is completely outweighed by the times when it feels as if you have made a difference in a child’s life which makes you realise that it’s worth it.

Cathy, St Catherine’s School for Girls

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