Bonus Pastor Catholic College

Bonus Pastor is an oversubscribed Catholic school with a warm, caring, successful ethos. We are happy, popular, and academically successful, with a very strong pastoral ethos. Every student is loved, cared for and known for their strengths in a warmhearted and friendly atmosphere. We know and love our students and they achieve excellent GCSE results. Bonus Pastor is modern and visionary, with teaching, learning and student success at the heart of our ethos. Our excellent teachers know their students and ensure that student learning is personalised. Our motto is ‘through faith to success’. We are proud that every student goes on to a sixth form placement, student attendance is outstanding and the school is a happy one. Everyone who visits says how beautiful our fabulous new building is and how impressive the facilities are. There are lots of wide open spaces for students and state-of-the-art ICT facilities, including two IMAX-like rooms and a digital environment. We have our own Chapel and Chapel garden, covered areas, internal and external dining, a fantastic Drama Studio and Amphitheater, a huge Sports Hall and playing fields.

Totally fabulous!

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